Bill Bartzak Speaks to EO New Jersey in Fireside Chat

Bill Bartzak, president and CEO of MD On-Line, shared how he has consistently been named one of the fastest growing healthcare technology companies nationwide during a fireside chat with EO New Jersey at 90 Acres on Oct. 16.

Exclusively for EO NJ, Bill freely shared his strategies for continuing his growth trajectory and openly talked about the challenges and opportunities associated with being at the forefront of healthcare technology today.

Company culture and value seems to drive every decision Bill makes and, in turn, feeds into how he expands his products and services and successfully recruits, develops and retains top industry talent. Bill runs his company like a publicly traded company; he issues shares to his employees and valuates the business regularly. In fact, he has a long-standing board of advisors that he meets with regularly, and he proudly attributes much of his success to the feedback and guidance they have provided over the years.