Frank Sorrentino, III Speaks to EO New Jersey Nov. 19

Frank Sorrentino, III is chairman and CEO of ConnectOne Bank (CNOB), formerly North Jersey Community Bank (NJCB), with eight branches throughout the state. The bank was founded by Frank and other Bergen County civic and business leaders to serve local residents and
businesses by providing the highest level of personalized community banking services.

As chairman and CEO of ConnectOne, Frank is responsible for its business development plan, serves as the community liaison, sits on the loan committee and serves as the bank’s spokesperson. Frank has been instrumental in developing the bank’s branch and expansion strategy and oversees all marketing activities. In 2013, he led the rebrand of the company to ConnectOne Bank.

CNOB’s board of directors, shareholders, employees and loyal customer base have all contributed to its unprecedented growth. Since opening its first branch in January 2005, NJCB has grown to more than $1 billion in assets.

Frank has invited EONJ members to his bank headquarters in Englewood, N.J. on Nov. 19 and will share some the tenants he attributes to his success including:

  • Growth: In order to be successful, everyone in the company needs to be growth oriented
  • Alignment: Why alignment is important and how to get you team to buy in
  • Finding the right people: No superstars; create opportunities for your employees to excel; build leaders

EO NJ is thrilled to have this opportunity to have access to Frank, who is a frequent
commentator on CNBC, Bloomberg TV & Radio and Fox Business News, discussing community banking issues. Frank is regularly published in prominent business publications including The Wall Street Journal, American Banker and

Event Details:

Fireside Chat – Cultivating a Culture of Growth

Date: Tuesday, Nov. 19

Venue: ConnectOne Bank, 301 Sylvan Avenue, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

Time: 6 p.m.