Reciprocal Event Access: EO New Jersey, EO New York, EO Philadelphia

A new reciprocal event access program between the New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia chapters (participating chapters) has been launched on a trial basis.

The goal is to make it easier to attend events at our adjacent chapters and to encourage members to meet one another.

A maximum of 10 members per month may attend events at any participating chapter without charge. Note that if an event is “pay to play,” meaning that host chapter members must pay a fee, then the visiting chapter members must pay the same fee.

Guests are not included in this program. It is for chapter members in good standing only. Members cannot substitute non-members to attend events on their behalf.


  1. All events are listed on EOAccess. Visiting member sends host chapter administrator an email requesting to attend an event.
  2. Once approval has been received from the host chapter administrator, the visiting
    chapter member must register on EOAccess but not pay guest fees (unless it’s pay to play). The chapter administrator will make the final decision. There will be no exceptions.
  3. Host chapter cancellation policy applies at all times. If you do not cancel within the
    required time you will be responsible for paying cancellation fees, if any. You are
    responsible for reading and understanding the cancellation policy of each event.

VERY IMPORTANT: Some smaller events have limited capacity and will be prioritized for host chapter members. The host chapter administrator will decide whether or not capacity is available for visiting chapter members. Some events may not be available to visiting chapter members until several days before the actual event to allow host chapter members priority.

This program is being offered on a trial basis for a limited time. Participating chapters reserve the right to change the terms or terminate the program at any time during this trial period. This program is not a part of general EO Global benefits and does not apply to any chapter other than the chapters listed above.

Chapter administrators:

New Jersey – Andrea Rickard:

New York – Beth Chernick:

Philadelphia – Katie Baer: