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Kopp Consulting Wins Global Award

EO New Jersey member company Kopp Consulting won silver for the global award, 2014 Sales Outsourcing Provider of the Year. Congratulations to an outstanding team of Kopp Door Openers for their dedication to client success! One Kopp client has had 73 meetings, closed 10 new whopper clients and says the Door Opener Service contributed more than $5 million to her business so far.

Members in the News

NJBIZ did a story about the five new EO New Jersey members: Kevin Mahoney [], Subhash Kothari [Reliant Tech], David Rear [Advanced Clinical Concepts], Andrew Tupler [Tupler Financial] and Lucy Zimmerman [Roman Jewelers]. The news also was published on Holmdel-Hazlet Patch.

Two EO New Jersey member companies were in NJBIZ for their 100 Best Places to Work in New Jersey list: Intac Actuarial Services [Charles Rosenberg] and Tele-Data Solutions [Vince and Damon Finaldi].

Cheryl Biron [One Horn Transportation] wrote an article for SmallBizDaily on how to create a social media presence for your business. She was also in a Wayne Patch article for being named to the NJBIZ “Best 50 Women in Business” list.

Vette did a story about the American Muscle Car Experience at World Class Driving [Aaron Fessler].

Suburban News published an article about Kean University’s new building, which was designed by the Gruskin Group [Kenneth Gruskin].

Caryn Kopp [Kopp Consulting] wrote a column for about tips for fitting new business development into your schedule.

Denise Blasevick [The S3 Agency] was quoted in a story on SproutSocial about how to do holiday social media right.

EO New Jersey in Texas

EO New Jersey President Alex Zaltsman was recently in Austin, Texas and had to reschedule a meeting due to weather delays. He had a day to kill so he checked EOAccess and found events at EO Austin and EO San Antonio that day. Instead of wasting a day away in front of the computer, he asked the chapters if he could attend the events. Here’s his take on the day:

photo 1Both EO Austin and EO San Antonio chapters had learning events the same day at different times so I decided to spend my time meeting other entrepreneurs and speakers at their events. EO Austin had a great event with Red McCombs, a local business legend. I had never heard of him but he is the founder of Clear Channel Communications, which is the largest radio media company in U.S. (iheartradio, z100, etc). He’s also former owner of Minnesota Vikings, San Antonio Spurs, and a chain of car dealerships.

Key takeaways from the event: Red did things others were unwilling to do and took risks others weren’t willing to take. He saw opportunity where others didn’t. He hired people who said they we’re going to win at a task rather than those who said “I love to win” because there is more psychological commitment with the “going to win.”

Then I drove 1.5 hours to San Antonio for an event at Allegiance Flooring. It’s a flooring contractor company owned by Frank Wagner (president of the San Antonio EO chapter).

Key takeaways from the event: Company values drive decisions. Frank had no flooring experience (he was an IT guy) but had business experience.

It was a great experience meeting fellow entrepreneurs and listening to their speakers, and it was an example of EO’s value beyond the local chapter.

Understanding Obamacare and What It Means for Your Business

Learn from the experts about the impact Obamacare may have on your business, strategies to deal with the new rules and regulations and more. This event will take place from 2 – 4 p.m. Tuesday, March 11 at the Eisenhower Corporate Center (add to calendar). The speakers are:

  • Ron Greenberg and Ray Mann from Greenberg & Rapp
  • Scott Peloquin from benefEx Consulting.

SIGN UP NOW! – Space is limited to the first 25 members. In fairness to all EO New Jersey members, should you reserve a spot and fail to attend (without 48 hours notice) you will be assessed a $100 charge.

Event: Understanding Obamacare and What It Means for Your Business

Date: March 11, 2014

Time: 2 – 4 p.m.

Location: Eisenhower Corporate Center (80 Beaufort Ave., Livingston, NJ)

Highlighting Member Benefits: Part Four

This is the last in a four-part series of blog posts highlighting some of the benefits of being a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). You can see all of the benefits in EOAccess under “My Benefits.”

EO Insignia

If you’ve been in EO for 7+ years, you’ve attended a few universities, heard the usual speakers— and are looking for something new. That’s what EO Insignia is all about. EO Insignia is a program exclusively for members with 7+ years of EO tenure. This program connects you with other long-term members like you who are looking for greater professional achievement and deeper personal realization. If you qualify for EO Insignia, you can apply to participate in an Insignia Regional Forum or attend EO Insignia-exclusive events. If you are ready to bring something new to your membership, EO Insignia is the place for you.

NEXT STEPS: Visit EOAccess, go to My Benefits, then EO Insignia, and follow the instructions on the screen.

EO Quantum Leap

You’ve worked hard, and you’ve achieved the next level of business success: $15+ million in annual revenue. But perhaps you are still looking to boldly go— both in business and in life. That’s what EO Quantum Leap is all about. EO Quantum Leap is exclusively for members who have a business with $15+ million in annual revenue. This program connects you with other members who can understand the complexities of your business and the issues you face because they experience similar challenges. If you qualify for EO Quantum Leap, you can apply to participate in a Quantum Leap Regional Forum or simply attend EO Quantum Leap events to network with your peers. Discover Quantum Leap and boldly go!

NEXT STEPS: Visit EOAccess, go to My Benefits, then EO Quantum Leap, and follow the instructions on the screen.

EO Moderator Summit Experience 2014

The following post is EO New Jersey Communications Co-Chair Steve Greenblatt’s summary of the U.S. East Coast Regional Moderator Summit.

I recently had the opportunity to attend the U.S. East Coast Regional Moderator Summit in Playa del Carmen, Mexico with several other EO New Jersey members. The experience was a valuable one on many levels.

First was the leadership training, affectionately coined “Forum 2.0,” that focused on taking your forum experience to the next level and becoming a stronger moderator. Coaching techniques, monthly updates, alternative presentation formats and ways to share and dig deeper to reach the “5 percent” highlighted the discussions. The most powerful and memorable part for me was to witness an “Open Coaching” session where an actual presentation was coached and everyone in attendance provided experience sharing.

Aside from the obvious benefits and main intent of the summit were the experiences of bonding with fellow EO New Jersey members, meeting EOers from other areas and socializing with significant others in a fun atmosphere. The commonalities and support of being around fellow entrepreneurs regardless of their location, industry or age was comforting and enlightening.

The combination of learning, training and collective experiences increased my appreciation for the power of EO and also gave me a few ideas about how to be a better moderator, leader, business owner and family member.

Consider the opportunity to be part of similar EO events in the future. I think that you will also find them to be a valuable experience!

Members in the News

Glenn Van Etten [Brighton Cromwell] wrote an article for BusinessNewsDaily about when it’s time to find a new accountant. AccountingWeb also linked to the article.

Alex Zaltsman [Innovi Mobile] wrote an article for SmallBizDaily about books entrepreneurs should read. The article included recommendations from Scott Weintraub [Healthcare Regional Marketing], Harris Wolin [Myers Wolin], Sophie Shor [Roman Jewelers], Beth Geller [Just Be Smooth], Phil Patrick [Four Leaf Strategies], Joe Infante [Dynamic Strategies], Shawn Smith [Soleil Tans] and Edward Alicea [Headzup]. It also recommended Mike Michalowicz’s book, The Pumpkin Plan.

Michalowicz [Provendus Group] was also on MSNBC’s Your Business on AmericanExpress OPEN Forum.

Michael Schofel [Eastman Companies] was quoted in a story in the Alternative Press about an event Eastman had with Seattle Seahawks player Michael Bennett.

SRSsoft [Evan Steele] was in an article on InformationWeek HealthCare for winning an award for EMRs for smaller practices.

Caryn Kopp [Kopp Consulting] wrote a column published on about business proposals.

Polymer Technologies [Neal Goldenberg] was mentioned in an article in Plastics Today about metal injection molding.

An article about Ad-Juster’s [RJ Lewis] creation of a VP of sales and business development position ran on AdOperationsOnline.

EOconnect Replaces Member Exchange

There have been some changes to one of the EO member benefits— Member Exchange (M2Mx), a peer-to-peer resource database that affords you access to the collective experiences of top entrepreneurs around the world. Formerly housed under YPO’s online portal, M2Mx will now be replaced by EOconnect.

Why the change? EO membership continues to grow at a fast rate, and the need for peer-to-peer engagement has never been stronger. Through a more dynamic and reliable platform like EOconnect, EO can deliver enhanced functionality to better support your desire to experience share with 9,500+ peers around the world. Not only will EOconnect reduce redundant maintenance, ensure consistency in content delivery and provide more powerful networking capabilities, but it will consolidate all member-facing solutions under a single technology infrastructure. This is an exciting opportunity for us to build on a popular member benefit and provide even more value to your membership experience.

Please note that EOconnect is live, and the old M2Mx site is now turned off. You can access this member benefit by clicking on “EOconnect” in the  “My Benefits” section of the EOaccess navigation bar. EO will update this resource in phases, consistently delivering expanded functionality to you throughout FY2014/2015. If you have any questions regarding EOconnect, please contact the EO Technology Team.

EO All Member Survey Is Open

EO’s ninth annual All Member Survey is open. Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts on your EO experience, along with ideas you have to help EO improve. EO will then share the survey results with EO Global, regional and chapter leaders at the upcoming Global Leadership Conference (GLC), so they can work to improve your membership experience.

The deadline to take the survey is Feb. 28. This is the way to hit Rock Star for MCCs!

If you are interested in sharing confidential or detailed feedback, please e-mail Bob Strade directly at If you experience any problems completing this survey, please contact Frank MacPherson at

You can access the survey here: