EO Moderator Summit Experience 2014

The following post is EO New Jersey Communications Co-Chair Steve Greenblatt’s summary of the U.S. East Coast Regional Moderator Summit.

I recently had the opportunity to attend the U.S. East Coast Regional Moderator Summit in Playa del Carmen, Mexico with several other EO New Jersey members. The experience was a valuable one on many levels.

First was the leadership training, affectionately coined “Forum 2.0,” that focused on taking your forum experience to the next level and becoming a stronger moderator. Coaching techniques, monthly updates, alternative presentation formats and ways to share and dig deeper to reach the “5 percent” highlighted the discussions. The most powerful and memorable part for me was to witness an “Open Coaching” session where an actual presentation was coached and everyone in attendance provided experience sharing.

Aside from the obvious benefits and main intent of the summit were the experiences of bonding with fellow EO New Jersey members, meeting EOers from other areas and socializing with significant others in a fun atmosphere. The commonalities and support of being around fellow entrepreneurs regardless of their location, industry or age was comforting and enlightening.

The combination of learning, training and collective experiences increased my appreciation for the power of EO and also gave me a few ideas about how to be a better moderator, leader, business owner and family member.

Consider the opportunity to be part of similar EO events in the future. I think that you will also find them to be a valuable experience!