EOconnect Replaces Member Exchange

There have been some changes to one of the EO member benefits— Member Exchange (M2Mx), a peer-to-peer resource database that affords you access to the collective experiences of top entrepreneurs around the world. Formerly housed under YPO’s online portal, M2Mx will now be replaced by EOconnect.

Why the change? EO membership continues to grow at a fast rate, and the need for peer-to-peer engagement has never been stronger. Through a more dynamic and reliable platform like EOconnect, EO can deliver enhanced functionality to better support your desire to experience share with 9,500+ peers around the world. Not only will EOconnect reduce redundant maintenance, ensure consistency in content delivery and provide more powerful networking capabilities, but it will consolidate all member-facing solutions under a single technology infrastructure. This is an exciting opportunity for us to build on a popular member benefit and provide even more value to your membership experience.

Please note that EOconnect is live, and the old M2Mx site is now turned off. You can access this member benefit by clicking on “EOconnect” in the  “My Benefits” section of the EOaccess navigation bar. EO will update this resource in phases, consistently delivering expanded functionality to you throughout FY2014/2015. If you have any questions regarding EOconnect, please contact the EO Technology Team.