EO New Jersey in Texas

EO New Jersey President Alex Zaltsman was recently in Austin, Texas and had to reschedule a meeting due to weather delays. He had a day to kill so he checked EOAccess and found events at EO Austin and EO San Antonio that day. Instead of wasting a day away in front of the computer, he asked the chapters if he could attend the events. Here’s his take on the day:

photo 1Both EO Austin and EO San Antonio chapters had learning events the same day at different times so I decided to spend my time meeting other entrepreneurs and speakers at their events. EO Austin had a great event with Red McCombs, a local business legend. I had never heard of him but he is the founder of Clear Channel Communications, which is the largest radio media company in U.S. (iheartradio, z100, etc). He’s also former owner of Minnesota Vikings, San Antonio Spurs, and a chain of car dealerships.

Key takeaways from the event: Red did things others were unwilling to do and took risks others weren’t willing to take. He saw opportunity where others didn’t. He hired people who said they we’re going to win at a task rather than those who said “I love to win” because there is more psychological commitment with the “going to win.”

Then I drove 1.5 hours to San Antonio for an event at Allegiance Flooring. It’s a flooring contractor company owned by Frank Wagner (president of the San Antonio EO chapter).

Key takeaways from the event: Company values drive decisions. Frank had no flooring experience (he was an IT guy) but had business experience.

It was a great experience meeting fellow entrepreneurs and listening to their speakers, and it was an example of EO’s value beyond the local chapter.