PlanITROI Seeking a Chief Operating Officer

EO New Jersey member company PlanITROI is looking for a chief operating officer. Here is more information from PlanITROI:

PlanITROI has a great history, reputation and story; we now need GREAT second in command to be chief operating officer that can tell it, teach it, drive it and manage it–with the PlanITROI team and our PlanITvision technology. We are seeking a hands-on manager that can execute the strategy based on the CEO’s vision and industry growth. This is an opportunity for someone who is truly entrepreneurial and has a strong history in managing within a fast paced and highly complex small business.

Why Should You Consider this an Opportunity?

PlanITROI is the leading provider of “refurbished” IT asset value recovery, according to Gartner, and quickly becoming the leader of “closed loop refurbishment” within the reverse logistics industry focused on both IT and CE assets. Our new tool, PlanITvision, keeps PlanITROI’s relationships honest and transparent in a world with too much mystery around what happens to your assets the second time around. With trusted relationships come new business opportunities! We need you to help unlock the new opportunities here at PlanITROI!

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