EO New Jersey Hosts The Art and Science of Collection

EO New Jersey is hosting The Art and Science of Collection, which will cover setting terms, collecting and what you need to know to get paid. The event is at noon on June 5 at Withum Smith & Brown in Morristown (add to calendar). This exclusive panel event will discuss:

  • Setting terms and collection with Fortune 500 Companies
  • Collecting from a customer who declares bankruptcy
  • Creative ways to collect while keeping relationships intact
  • Knowing when to call a collection agency or attorney for help
  • Ways to mitigate risk of delinquent payments through better cash flow management

Panelists will include Chris DeMayo, Kurt Olender, Anna Walz and Alex Zaltsman.

Lunch will be served. Space is limited to the first 20 members, and guests are not allowed. Click here to register.

Time: noon

Date: Thursday, June 5

Location: Withum Smith & Brown (465 South Street, Morristown, NJ)

In fairness to all EONJ members, should you reserve a spot and fail to attend (without 48 hours notice) you will be assessed a $100 charge.