EO New York Invites EO New Jersey Members to Exclusive Family Event

EO New York has invited EO New Jersey members to a weekend sleep-away camp—EO style. Come join fellow EO families for sleep-away retreat in the Berkshires where kids and adults will enjoy an amazing camp experience. There will be family time as well as separate “kid” and “adult” time so each can fully experience camp EO style.

Arrive Friday for a great dinner in moose lodge, check into your own private cabin, then split into kid and adult activities before joining for a campfire.

Saturday starts early with a delicious breakfast and then choose your own sessions with options including:

  • Rock climbing (two levels)
  • Water skiing
  • Kayak
  • Shoot hoops
  • Dance
  • Campfire

The night starts with a fabulous dinner and then TWO separate cocktail hours (one for kids and one for adults) each with age appropriate beverages, supervision and entertainment. The night wraps with taps and lights out at midnight.

This exclusive EO opportunity has never been done before and promises to be a fantastic family event. Availability is limited.

Your non-refundable fee includes:

  • Exclusive access to a private lakeside, 300 acre family-owned camp in the Berkshires
  • A private cabin for you and your family with your own private indoor bathroom
  • Five deliciously prepared meals. We’re NOT talking camp grub on paper plates here—expect chef prepared cuisine served properly (two breakfasts, lunch and two dinners)
  • All beverages, including the adult kind
  • All activities, including those that typically cost extra like water skiing
  • All staff and supervision for kids including the “kid” time activities
  • Entertainment
  • A great time

Please join us June 6-8 in the Berkshires for this one-of-a-kind EO exclusive (add to calendar). Click here to register.

EO Sleep away Camp Kids version