EO New Jersey Welcomes Charles Olivo

Help us welcome the newest member of EO New Jersey: Charles Olivo. Olivo joined EO to improve his business behavior and skills so that he can lead his business, Stonefield Engineering and Design, to greater success and achievement.

Olivo founded Stonefield in January 2010 in the basement of his home. Olivo wanted the freedom to create and drive a new brand of engineering and design that was deeply rooted in the teachings of the dynamic mentors that he has met during his career. The central core of those teachings is to find tremendously talented and dynamic individuals to work with so as never to dilute the message and the passion that fuels it.

Stonefield is now a full-service civil/traffic engineering and design firm. Olivo looks forward to engaging with the talented professionals in EO New Jersey to further refine and shape Stonefield.