EO New Jersey Welcomes New Board Members

The EO New Jersey chapter recently installed a new board for July 2014 through July 2015. This new board is made up of:

  • President Michael Schofel
  • Membership Chair Cheryl Biron
  • Membership Chair Joseph Infante
  • Integration Chair John Cioffi
  • Education Chair Shawn Smith
  • Education Chair Caryn Kopp
  • Education Chair Damon Finaldi
  • Governance Chair Harris Wolin
  • Finance Chair Louis Biron
  • Communication Chair Denise Blasevick
  • Communications Chair Scott Weintraub
  • Forum Chair Lawrence Prager
  • Forum Chair Steve Greenblatt
  • Past President Alexander Zaltsman
  • President-Elect Philip Patrick
  • Strategic Alliances Chair Carl Gould

We’re excited to see what this group of New Jersey entrepreneurs has to offer to the chapter!