Chapter News

Our October 21st Membership Test Drive was very successful and well attended!  Held at the Olde Mill Inn, the Test Drive consisted of presentations from Joe Infante, Co-Chair of Membership, who spoke about the EONJ Chapter and Dan Wilson, US East Regional Membership Director, who joined us from EO Charlotte to talk about Global.  Members Louis Biron, Susan Michel, and Larry Prager also presented stories about how EO has enriched their lives and businesses.  These three members, as well as our President-Elect, Phil Patrick, moderated mock forums where the candidates learned firsthand about how Forum works.  All four forum discussions were very lively thanks to the candidates and additional EO NJ members who attended.  Cheryl Biron, Co-Chair of Membership acted as Mistress of Ceremonies.  Special thanks to Andy Tupler and Subhash Kothari as well for helping with the event as part of EONJ’s Membership Committee.

At upcoming events please be sure to introduce yourself to the new members who were invited to join EONJ from the test drive!

Please remember to think of EO whenever you are in an environment where you encounter smart, energetic entrepreneurs who would add value to our Chapter. Building our membership will enable our chapter to offer a richer learning calendar and give our members a broader base of people with whom to interact and share experiences.  Help us continue to grow EONJ!