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All Members Survey

All Member Survey 2015

The 2015 All Member Survey is officially launching 1 February and will be open until 28 February.  If members access the link and attempt to take the survey early, they will not be able to log in. Please be on the lookout for the link to the AMS on 1 February.  If you have any questions or concerns about the survey, please contact your Regional Coordinator.

Forum Retreat Initiative 2015

Are your members looking to experience a once-in-a-lifetime Forum retreat in an exotic destination? Would an extra USD $1,000 on their return make that even sweeter?

In an effort to promote #EONation and get members connected around the world, EO Global is offering USD $1,000 to any Forum that has their retreat in any of EO’s newest, or soon to be launched chapter locations. This includes fun and exciting locations such as San Juan, Puerto Rico; Athens, Greece; Brooklyn, New York; and Wellington, New Zealand.

All the Forum needs to do to obtain the USD$1,000 is meet with the local members of that chapter, take a fun photo and submit to EO Global with a fun caption.  To be eligible, participating Forums must travel outside of their EO Area, or at least 100miles /160 kilometers from their chapter.

Please pass this info on to your members. We are accepting submissions for this contest through December 2015.  Questions?  Contact Laura Johnson, EO’s Global Membership Development Director

Global Citizen of the Year Award 

What is it?  A Global-level award, open to all members (except current Members of the EO Global Board, Regional Directors, Committee Chairs). This award recognizes members who are doing amazing things around the world to advance entrepreneurship, solve a world problem, or help EO and its members develop globally.

Examples might be:

  • A member who takes his entire Forum to a developing nation to build a school
  • A member who employees women in a village and provides educational benefits for their families
  • A member who uses EO resources and connections to start a business in a third-world country

It can be philanthropic, social entrepreneurship, or EO leadership.  Here’s the fun part…the prize is a paid trip to visit the EO chapter of their choice (up to US$3500)

The deadline to apply is 28 February. Please forward this on to members who would be interested. This award program is for actions taken in the last calendar year (2014) so applicants from last year are welcome to re-apply.

Questions? Contact John Mark Davidson, EO’s Strategic Engagement Director

Justice League Sees The Results of “Profit First” Thinking at Coffee Farm in Costa Rica

The Justice League left for Costa Rica on Sunday, January 11 for their annual forum retreat. After an original plan to have the retreat in late February changed because of a schedule conflict, the Justice League had to move it to January and had less than four weeks to pull everything together. They chose an all-inclusive resort called Riu Palace Costa Rica in Guanacaste and spent four days on retreat. With the winter temperatures outside in New Jersey dipping into the single digits last week, there was certainly no complaints about the timing of the trip.
The Justice League has been spending significant time recently discussing topics from two books: Mike Michaelowitz’s “Profit First” and Chris McChensey’s “The 4 Disciplines of Execution.” When you add into the mix the League’s desire to build more accountability into their forum experience, this year’s retreat focused on setting up goals across three categories: individual, family and business.On the second day, Justice League left early in the morning in a van and traveled through farms, small village-like towns and dense jungle terrain to reach Diria Coffee Farm for a tour of their production facility. After a great cup of their best organic “Peaberry” coffee, the group was led through the facility to learn the production process.One of the biggest takeaways of the tour was learning how much attention the farmers pay to being a sustainable operation. In the context of Michaelowitz’s “Profit First,” it was readily apparent that they were operating on the “small plate” philosophy. That region of Costa Rica is very dry during the harvest season for coffee, and water is a precious resource. The farmers there go to great lengths to recycle all the water they use to wash and filter the coffee beans. They also use the skin of the coffee bean as a fuel in the furnaces that dry the beans before the roasting process begins. The farmers at Diria Coffee Farm have implemented some ingeniously simple solutions to consume as little as possible and minimize their costs – it’s their version of small plates. The result is a highly profitable operation that supports the lives of 150 local farmers and their families.

On Wednesday, January 14 the Justice League returned to the great state of New Jersey as a stronger forum, all tanned and fired up for a very successful 2015.

Justice League Members: Steven Kramer, Dan Wilson, Joe Infante, Terry Lyons, John Cioffi, Glenn Van Etten, Brian MacClaren

Photo 1: Justice League on the beach at Riu Palace Costa Rica
Photo 2: Local coffee farmer, Dennis, explaining the coffee bean washing processIMG_2406



Members In The News

Securing intellectual property rights is increasingly critical to early stage companies.  Myers Wolin (Harris Wolin) has partnered with the New York based Zahn Center and New York’s Next Top Makers program to provide legal advisory services for some of the tri-state area’s most innovative technology startups. Click here to read more…

Technology: Your Supply Chain’s Strongest Link – Louis Biron (One Horn Transportation) speaks at Rutgers. Click here to read more…

EMP Class of 2016, Year 2

The Entrepreneurial Masters Program (EMP)  Registration is filling up fast.  This year it will be held in Dedham, MA. You have less than one month to submit your online application for the EMP Class of 2017.  Click here to apply today!  Year 1 will take place from 24-28 June 2015 at the MIT Endicott House in Boston, MA, USA.  Don’t miss hearing from Verne Harnish, Geoff Smart, Barrett Ersek, John DeHart, and more!  Applications are due Monday, 2 February 2015 by 11:59 p.m. GMT. Questions? Contact Elizabeth Wilson.

Session Dates
  • Class of 2017, Year 1: 24-28 June 2015
  • Class of 2016, Year 2: 27-31 May 2015
  • Class of 2015, Year 3: 3-7 June 2015

Click here for more information. Click here for registration.

Members In The News

Kean University’s west entrance welcomes visitors with a bold architectural statement exemplified in the newly completed Green Lane Academic Building on the Union, New Jersey campus.  Designed by Gruskin Architecture & Design, P.C. (Ken Gruskin)….click here to read more…

Owners of Roman Jewelers (Sophie Shor and Lucy Zimmerman) honored at 25th anniversary celebration. Click here to read more….