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Member Feature

Kraig Kalashian (KKAD)– New member story.

In order to understand my background, I think it’s important to understand my parents.   My parents are first generation Americans whose parents immigrated to the US in the beginning of the 20th Century.  My parents grew up in the post-depression 1930’s and the survival skills they learned growing up have always been a part of my life.   I grew up in a middle class Long Island suburb and have always lived within 60 miles of my childhood home.

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Members in the News

20 Modern-Day Mad Men & Women On The Legacy Of ‘Mad Men’ (Denise Blasevick The S3 Agency) To read more click here and scroll down to read Denise’s interview.

6 Social Media Pros Discuss Effective Client Relationship Management. (Adam Schnitzler, The S3 Agency)  Click here to read more.

Luxury apartment building starts to rise in Hoboken (Kurt Padavano, Advance Realty) Click here to read more.

Cheryl Biron (One Horn Transportation) was nominated and selected as a Leading Woman Entrepreneur and Business Owner of New Jersey.

When to Give Up on a Prospect (Caryn Kopp, Kopp Consulting). Click here to read more.

Tech Data Offers Customized Enterprise Mobile Apps Through Agreement With InnoviMobile (Alex Zaltsman, InnoviMoble). Click here to read more.

An Artistic Approach To Academics – A creative conference for designers at Kean (Ken Gruskin, Gruskin Group). Click here to read more.

Global News

News to Know:

Dues Increase FY15/16:

  • During the recent Global Board meeting, on the recommendation of the Standing Finance Committee, the Board approved a global dues increase of US$100 to US$1,900 for FY2015/2016.  This change will go into effect on 1 July.

EO Osaka Global University – Registration for 2015 EO Osaka Global University   opens Friday, April 10!

Event Date: 30 September – 4 October 2015

Total Registration Spaces: 400

Registration fee: US$3999 per person  — (Members have the option to register 1 guest – same registration fee for guests)

Location: the first 3 days take place in Osaka, the last day and evening are in Kyoto. This is a two-city University – we will move hotels!

Hotel: Ritz-Carlton Osaka and various hotels in Kyoto – members will receive details about hotel booking after registration.

Important Event Info:


Facebook page: