Sponsor Feature

EONJ Sponsor, Mike Goldman,  Performance Breakthrough, has launched a new book: Performance Breakthrough: The Four Secrets of Passionate Organizations

Book Summary:
Gallup Organization research has concluded that only 29 percent of employees are truly engaged in the work they do. That’s like an engine running at less than one third of its power! How can a team reach its potential, or even come anywhere close, with that level of engagement?Now imagine the impact of injecting more passion into your team. Imagine a company where eight out of ten people are truly engaged. What would this mean to your team’s productivity, morale, retention, and ability to recruit top talent?

Revised and enhanced from the popular first edition, Performance Breakthroughreveals the four secrets for creating a more passionate, productive, and profitable organization. These ideas are not expensive. In fact, you can execute many without spending a dime.

This book’s message is communicated in the form of a fictional story to help make these ideas real and implementable, as opposed to fuzzy concepts. Augmenting the story are valuable new case studies, summaries, checklists, and other tools that will help you create positive energy, find passion, and achieve your own Performance Breakthrough!


Click here to see the book website.   Link to book page on Amazon