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Global News

EOAccess is getting an overhaul! The new system will roll out on November 2. training/overview sessions are up on EOaccess to register for. All sessions will have the same content, so you will only need to attend one. Please encourage anyone in your Forum to attend one of the below sessions.

Below are the dates and times. Please visit EOaccess’ Upcoming Events section under Global events to register.

Oct. 26 10am
Oct. 26 9pm
Oct. 28 10am
Oct. 28 9pm
Oct. 29 10am
Oct. 29 2pm
Oct. 29 6pm
Oct. 29 10pm

Global News

EOAccess is getting an upgrade – From Oct 19 – Nov 2nd EOAccess will be getting an upgrade. This means starting Oct 19th , there will be a “data freeze” on all that is entered into EOAccess. If you wish to register for an event (or cancel) during this time please e-mail

EO Leadership News – An Update from the Entrepreneur’s Organization

The September Edition of Octane is here! September-2015-Octane.  Don’t forget … we also have an Octane Blog with daily content!


Executive Education Updates

Executive Education Updates

1)    EO/Wharton Partnership We are joining forces with the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania to offer a 3 day finance- and operations-focused seminar. Fast facts:

  • –       Program dates: 13-17 April 2016
  • –       Program Chairman: Greg Crabtree, EO Atlanta
  • –       Location: Wharton School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • –       Cost: US$4650
  • –       Registration Launch: 8 October 2015 – There is not an application process for this program; we will follow the regional registration process.
  • –       Program Website:

2)    EO/London Business School Growth Forum – Round 2! The very popular and highly-rated EO/LBS program will be offered for the second time in 2016. Fast facts:

  • –       Program dates: 30 March-2 April 2016
  • –       Program Chairman: Kristin McLane, EO Cincinnati
  • –       Location: London Business School, London, England
  • –       Cost: US$4850
  • –       Registration Launch: 20 October 2015  – There is not an application process for this program; we will follow the regional registration process.
  • –       Program Website:

3)    EMP – Applications for the EMP Class of 2018 will go live on 23 October (and close 1 February 2016). Fast facts:

  • –       Class of 2018, Year 1 dates: 1-5 June 2016 *Applicants who are accepted into the EMP will attend the Year 1 meeting on these dates.
  • –       Class Facilitator: Brian Brault, EO Western New York
  • –       Location: MIT Endicott House, Dedham, Massachusetts
  • –       Cost: EO members: $4300; non-members: US$4800
  • –       Program Website:

Banff Global University – Registration is open

Ground control to space and EO-ers everywhere: Canadian Astronaut, Colonel Chris Hadfield, called the most famous astronaut since Neil Armstrong, has just been confirmed as a 2016 EO Banff Global University keynote speaker. Like no other astronaut before him, Hadfield has found a way to humanize space travel both on and off the stage, but is most known for doing so through one of the most unique musical videos ever made. Check out Hadfield’s quite literal remake of “Space Oddity” and be sure to register for the 2016 EO Banff Global University to see and listen to him in person! Banff, Canada is a truly one of the most remarkable  places on earth: towering mountains, hot springs, glorious lakes and miles of astonishing scenery all offer a beyond inspiring experience.

Path of Leadership – Applications open

Interested in applying to join the Regional Council or a Global Committee? Apply online at Applications are due by January 15th (Global Board, Regional Director & Committee Chairs are due October 1st).