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“EO One Level Up”

Location & date: Munich, Germany during Oktoberfest (September 26th-28th). The biggest Social will bring all participants in one beer tent, allowing for intense networking.

To maximize the benefit for Accelerators, the event will be open to both Accelerators and EO members alike in a 50 / 50 ratio.

The conference will touch the personal lives of attendees in the first place. Participants will grow their personality and leave the conference being a better version of themselves. The learning sessions are all built on one another and will take the attendees on a journey to develop their own personality – ultimately translating to being better business leaders.

Tickets are expected to sell out very fast (the first 50 tickets are early birds).

I would be extremely grateful if you want to promote this event to your board and chapter, and if you can share all the news that we post on Facebook in your chapter Facebook page.

Questions? Check out the event website here: or, contact Leticia Navarro, Events Manager for EO’s Europe and Middle East, Pakistan and Africa regions, at