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Chapter News – A Letter from the President

Dear EONJ Member:

It is my pleasure to share my personal vision and mission and the strategic board priorities for the coming year.  In the attached 3-page document, you will find the following items:

– 2016-2017 Board members

– My Personal Vision and Mission

– EONJ Chapter Priorities by Function

– Global Strategic Initiatives (“Vision 2020”) and EONJ’s Chapter Alignment

– EO Core Values

Please support the efforts of the Board in helping to carry out their initiatives and in engaging our own entrepreneurs to learn and grow.

All of the members on the Board are volunteers and I cannot thank them enough for their time, energy, dedication to the Chapter, and most importantly their servant leadership.  Our Chapter will continue to thrive for so long as we are engaged with each other, participate in events, help to grow our membership, and most importantly take ownership of our EO Experience and constantly abide by EO Core Values.

Through my leadership journey within EO, I have experienced a profound transformation,  personally and professionally.  I feel more inspired than ever before, and I am excited to be taking this next step on my path of leadership with all of you by my side.

I look forward to serving the Chapter with passion and excellence.



EO New Jersey President 2016-2017

EO Global Lead Forum Director 2016-2018

20160816 EONJ Vision and Strategy for 2016-2017

Members in the News

Morristown woman links companies with communities (Steve Raz, Cornerstone Search Group, LLC) Click here to read more.

The INC 5000 list for 2016 has been published. Congratulations to this year’s EONJ members who are on the list.

Members in the News

Can Accenture Take Over Advertising? (Denise Blasevick, The S3 Agency) Click here to read more.

Lawline Featured in New Book for Entrepreneurs (Michael Michalowicz, Profit First Professionals) Click here to read more.

How Ad Agency Life Has Changed from the Golden Age to the Digital Age (Denise Blasevick, The S3 Agency) Click here to read more.

Employees are talking, are you listening? 5 tips for fostering a culture of open communication (Denise Blasevick, The S3 Agency) Click here to read more.

Hollister employees volunteer at FoodBank (Hollister Construction, Kieran Flanagan) Click here to read more.

How to set your small business apart (Michael Michaelowicz, Profit First Professionals) Click here to read more.

Global News

EO – GEI Survey (It takes literally two minutes… Thanks everyone!)
A quick reminder to ask your forums to fill out this survey. It’s important that at least 30% of members complete the survey for us to remain eligible for PEAK! Here’s the link it took me literally 2 minutes to complete:

Questions about US East’s regional conference, EO NERVE?  Check out the event website, at

EO Leadership Academy, to be held from 4-8 December in Washington, D.C., USA, is an immersive program to teach and inspire personal leadership and transformation to a select group of member leaders. The application for the academy is now open and the deadline to apply is 15 August. Log on to the Leadership Academy website to find out more about the qualifications and application process.


Chapter News

The weekend of July 30-31 Past Presidents Carl Gould and Michael Schofel met up with EO St. Louis members Jeff Linihan and Brian Handrigan. Jeff and Brian were visiting NJ for the PGA Championship. While in NJ they reached out to foster their already existing relationship. Jeff Linihan was part to f the EO StL crew who volunteered their time to do cleanup in New Jersey after Superstorm Sandy on January 4, 2013. Here are some of the photos that we took while doing the cleanup at Beaton Marina in Tom’s River.