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Chapter News

Dear EONJ,

I am pleased and honored to announce that we have officially entered into sister-chapter relationship with newly emerging chapter EO Belgium.

This has been an exhaustive review process that started at GLC in Bangkok last May — it is part of the growing globalization trend, and is a best practice by many of the top tier Chapters (and we here at EONJ are a top-top-tier Chapter.
Many of you contributed thoughts and experience to the process, thank you for keeping it Gestalt.
The short list included EO Cape Town, EO Barcelona, EO Amsterdam, EO Costa Rica, EO Rio, and EO Belgium.
Half were already spoken for, all were very interesting, and EO Belgium realy stood out.
I was lucky enough to have managed to help run a test drive, and an EO Value-proposition presentation in Belgium last month.  I was astounded at the quality and competence of the small but rapidly growing membership.
Why EO Belgium?:
Center of Europe, NATO is there, easy access to the rest of Europe (also the best security in Europe . . . now).
  • Amazing culture
  • Amazing Food
  • English is the common language (since they can’t agree between Flemish and French)
  • The membership frequently travel to our area
  • One of the members has an artisan chocolate factory
  • One of the candidates has a beer factory
As a new Chapter, it’s a win-win.  While they are looking for EO Mentorship (we are the best of the best), their fresh emerging perspective will certainly be refreshing and benefit us.
Did I mention chocolate and beer?
Please join me in welcoming EOBelgium to our new extended family.  Check the EONJ FaceBook page for pictures.
PS:  Any interest in a “welcome EOB” MyEO event, reach out to me (Mohit, you are already on the list).  Flights are cheap, the US$ is at it’s strongest in 14 years, and they have chocolate and beer.
Thank you, it’s an honor to be part of such a fine Chapter.

JB Blanchard
MyEO Chair, EONJ

Global News

The Global Membership Committee would like to recognize EO New Jersey on winning the October JOJA Award for most number of new members AND highest growth % in the US East . In particular, we would like to recognize the efforts of your Membership Chairs Scott Peloquin and Ronald Shovlin  towards expanding EO’s size and influence by recruiting a class of ‘quality’ new members

Members in the News

Annual golf classic benefits local children (Kieran Flanagan, Hollister Construction) Click here to read more.

5 ways to reduce bias in your hiring practices (Suzanne Cerra, Nukk-Freeman and Cerra) Click here to read more.

Morris Business News: S3 Agency; Moretrench American Corp. (Denise Blasevick & Adam Schnitzler, The S3 Agency) Click here to read more.

Are Outdated Pricing Models Hurting Clinical Research? (Darlene Panzitta, DSP Clinical Research) Click here to read more.

Global News

Interested in attending one of the top five rated business schools in the world and getting a better grip on your finances? Then see below! Questions?

EO@Wharton: Elevation Your Finance + Operations program

Registration is coming up in a few weeks, so please read the details below carefully, as the program sold out in 24 hours last year!


Number of Participants: 60 EO members

Registration Link:
Registration Date: 15 November 2016. Review the regional registration timeline below or here:
Registration Fee: US$4,800 per year (includes accommodations, most meals and all learning materials).
Dates9-12 May 2017

Program Goals:

Location: Wharton, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Region Local Time/Date in Region Registration Opens
Asia Pacific (APAC) 15 November, 2 a.m. GMT
(i.e. Auckland – 3 p.m. NZDT – GMT +13)
South Asia (SA) 15 November, 7 a.m. GMT
(i.e. New Dehli – 12:30 p.m. IST – GMT +5:30)
Europe 15 November, 7 a.m. GMT
(i.e. London – 7 a.m. GMT)
MEPA 15 November, 7 a.m. GMT
(i.e. Karachi – 12 p.m. PKT – GMT +5)
US East 15 November, 6 p.m. GMT
(i.e. New York – 1 p.m. EDT – GMT -5)
US Central 15 November, 6 p.m. GMT
(i.e. Chicago 12 p.m. CDT –GMT -6)
Latin America, Caribbean (LAC) 15 November, 6 p.m. GMT
(i.e. Mexico City – 12 p.m. CDT – GMT -6)
Canada 15 November, 6 p.m. GMT
(i.e. Montreal – 1 p.m. EDT– GMT -5)
US West 15 November, 6 p.m. GMT
(i.e. Los Angeles 10 a.m. PDT – GMT -8)