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Welcome to our new EONJ Members…

My name is Curt Bashford and I joined EO in November of 2014 after the EO test-drive.  My company (General Devices) was formed in 1979 and I have been with the company since 1986 – my senior year of as an undergraduate in electrical engineering at NJIT.   I later received my MS in bio-medical engineering also at NJIT.  I became an owner and took over as President/CEO in 2011.  The company founder retired, so you could say that I (and my two partners) were his exit strategy……click here to read more…

Build Your Online Platform Using Two “Secret” Words By Mike Michalowicz

What are the two words that will always, always generate a prospect’s interest? No, they’re not “free delivery,” or “limited time,” or “satisfaction guaranteed.” The “secret” words do not convey a promise, or a deal, or a benefit. The words are not specific to any industry, or niche, or type of business. I hesitate to call these words a “secret” because they are so obvious: two words that will grab a prospect’s attention every time is… here to read more.

Member News

Gruskin Architecture + Design, P.C. (Ken Gruskin), Is the featured architect in Licensed Architect. Gruskin Group is an integrated design firm that creates unified brand experiences through the use of architecture, interior design, brand development, visual communications, web/interactive, industrial design, strategic consulting, and sustainable design.  click here to read the complete article…

Our small business experts share two tips to help you grow your business (Denise Blasevick The S3 Agency)  ….click here to see the video.

Members in the News

Roman Jewelers (Sophie Shor & Lucy Zimmerman) completes $15,000 Finders Keepers treasure hunt. Click here to read more.

RightAnswers (Jeff Weinstein) Selected as a Finalist for the KMWorld 2014 KM Promise Award. Click here to read more.

How 4 Women Entrepreneurs Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance –(Denise Blasevick – S3 Agency) Click here to read more. 

World Class Driving (Aaron Fessler)  Zooms to $6.1 M on SeedInvest with Days Remaining on the Clock. Click here to read more.

Roman Jewelers (Sophie Shor & Lucy Zimmerman) splits $25,000 among 25 local worthy causes. Click here to read more.

RightAnswers (Jeff Weinstein) Receives 2014 CUSTOMER Contact Center Technology Award. Click here to read more. 

Members in the News

RightAnswers (Jeff Weinstein) Receives 2014 CUSTOMER Magazine TMC Labs Innovation Award. Click here to read more.

Letter: Company milestone (Roman Jewelers, Sophie Shor and Lucy Zimmerman). Click here to read more. 

 Rock Legends The Who Still a Strong Selling Ticket at (Tom Patania). Clickhere to read more.

RightAnswers’ (Jeff Weinstein) Fourth Annual IMPACT Knowledge Conference Opens in Orlando. Click here to read more.



Hire For Behavioral Patterns Not Qualifications by Mike Michalowicz

My best employee of all time was nicknamed Shaq. While his genetic gifts would have never landed him a spot on the New Jersey Nets (nicknames work like that), he worked for my company as a computer forensic examiner. When I hired him, Shaq was barely qualified to use a computer, let alone conduct detailed forensic examinations on hard drives that later had to stand up in court and pass the rigors of cross examination. Click here to read more.


Members in the News

Ken Gruskin and his firm, Gruskin Architecture + Design, P.C., have been featured in Licensed Architect magazine. Click Gruskin to read more.

Fruition Partners and RightAnswers (Jeff Weinstein)Team up to Incorporate Knowledge Management into Managed Cloud Services for ServiceNow. Click here to read more.

Bell Techlogix and RightAnswers (Jeff Weinstein) Announce New Partnership. Click here to read more.

Myers Wolin (Harris Wolin) Announces Patent Counsel Residency program to Fuel Partnerships with Tech Incubators and Accelerators and Assist Top Startups. Click here to read more.

Bridgewater-based Advanced Realty (Kurt Padavano) buys Pa. property in joint venture. Click here to read more.

Charles Rosenberg Given the Outstanding Volunteer Award

EO New Jersey member Charles Rosenberg received the National Institute of Pension Administrators (NIPA) 2014 award for Outstanding Volunteer. Roseburg’s guidance and expertise with clients have resulted in loyal relationships within the industry. He is also in charge of the INTAC Pension Consultants where he gives his expertise during the planning process, promising that each client has the best quality plan that meets their standards and then some. As a NIPA volunteer, he has been a member of the Business Management Conference Committee since 2010.  The committee chooses content that helps third party administrator business owners create revenue growth and contribute more value to their companies.

The award was presented to Rosenberg at the annual awards ceremony during the 2014 NIPA Annual Forum & Expo on April 27-30.

One Horn Transportation Advances to 24th Fastest Growing Women-Owned/Led Businesses in North America

One Horn Transportation’s Freight Agent Growth Strategy continues to generate significant growth as The Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) and American Express OPEN ranked the One Horn Transportation 24th of the 50 Fastest Growing Women Owned/Led Companies in North America. The 50 companies were honored at the WPO’s annual conference in New Orleans on April 24.

One Horn was founded by EO New Jersey members Cheryl and Louis Biron. Having just entered its tenth year in business, One Horn’s reinvention in 2010 from a trucking company owning tractors-trailers to a freight agent based transportation brokerage has enabled the company to continue on its strong growth trajectory. Freight agents come to One Horn with a book of business and perform the sales function as well as subcontracting their customers’ loads to outside trucking companies. One Horn provides all the financing, proprietary software, and back office services, leveraging the strengths of its founders.

“We are very excited our freight agent strategy has enabled One Horn to move up in the ranking while building a company that empowers our freight agents and employees to pursue their dreams in life,” said Cheryl Biron, president and CEO of One Horn.

One Horn was founded by two corporate executives who decided the corporate lifestyle was not for them.

“We wanted to create an environment where people would love to come to work and be able to achieve success and personal happiness,” Cheryl said. “Our Freight Agents grow their businesses, One Horn grows, and we all succeed.”

The strong business foundation that enables One Horn’s freight agents to grow sales is Stratebo, the proprietary transportation management software package written by One Horn Co-Founder and COO Louis Biron.

“In creating Stratebo, I wanted our company to have the most efficient back office system so that our agents could handle more loads per day with maximum efficiency,” Louis said. “Operating efficiencies are key to enabling One Horn to grow with minimal fixed costs as Stratebo has enabled One Horn to grow without adding people pushing paper in the back office, and since I wrote it, there are no licensing fees involved.”

Leveraging its entrepreneurial culture, One Horn continues to look for new ways to innovate, evolve and reinvent itself for continued growth. For the past year, Cheryl has been blogging on to share ideas that helped with One Horn’s reinvention and growth over the years as well as ways freight agents can improve their operational efficiency and personal effectiveness.