Wow! Discover Sure Put the Odds in Our Favor!

By Cheryl Biron

What a fantastic conference. On Friday, Sept. 27, EO members from New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia and D.C. converged on Atlantic City to experience superior learning, in-depth member interaction and plain great fun at the luxurious Revel Hotel and Spa.

After a very interactive afternoon where we had a Mega Forum-Squared with six members sharing their expertise on some very hot topics, as well as two members sharing their EO 360: Experiences from the Edge, we had a delicious dinner at the Cabanas overlooking the ocean. Members took their scintillating conversation up to the hospitality suite for more fun and drinks, followed by after hours and after after hours in the casino.

On Saturday the hardcore learning began with a day of seven back-to-back speakers imparting valuable knowledge to members, spouses and sigots (significant others).

  • Michael Allosso’s talk, “You on Your Best Day,” offered us concrete ideas on how to be our best selves in all our interpersonal interactions. Using an analogy of what makes
    actors successful on stage, Michael demonstrated how the same skills that actors use – taking risks, focus, immersion, adaptability, discipline, passion, empathy, energy, courage and humor – are important to us for success as entrepreneurs. We give our best selves to our customers, but we should give that same best self to our families at home at the end of a hard day. He left us with the thought that people should be better off after having spent time with you.
  • Tom Searcy’s presentation on “Explosive Growth, Putting the Odds in Your Favor” was a truly fabulous demonstration of how we as smaller companies can land those big whales as customers. Our own Alex Zaltsman has put into practice what he learned from Tom’s book, Whale Hunting: How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company. The
    techniques on how to identify the whales and how to speak their language taught us how to counter the fear of doing business with a smaller company versus our largest
    competitors. Tom truly “wowed” the entire audience!
  • Matt Shoup, a fellow EOer from Colorado, taught us about “How to Be an Award-Winning Company.” Matt took us through the process that reaped high rewards for very little spend versus traditional marketing. Once our companies win awards, we can
    leverage them to build our business and our reputation. Matt also took it a step further sharing some mishaps that he turned into referrals by honestly dealing with the
    customers’ needs and concerns.
  • Jonathan Smith asked us “Are You Running Your Business, or Is Your Business Running You?” He then proceeded to tell us how to create an operating system to make our businesses function more efficiently. Jonathan boiled down the best concepts from the best business books into tools for entrepreneurs like us to use to take more control of our business and our results.
  • Mike Lamire shared his insights on Inbound Marketing, with a concrete methodology of how to turn a stranger into a converted promoter of our businesses. Getting into the heads of our targets and providing them with content that will interest, inspire and engage them via various social media outlets changes the way the ultimate sales is completed.
  • David Sanderson’s talk on “Miracle on the Hudson” showed us how inner strength and courage can help an ordinary person perform extraordinary feats in crisis. We can all summon our inner strength to persevere during difficult times.
  • Shawne Duperon on “Mastering Media” gave us a speed media training session to help us learn how to communicate well if being interviewed, as well as how to balance the give and take during regular discussions so that we are broadcasting the right signals.

This education-packed day gave us plenty of fodder for many more discussions with people we never met before from different chapters, delving deep into the heart of our businesses well through dinner and past midnight. The intimate nature of approximately 70 attendees enabled the depth of interaction not found at those massive EO meetings. Attending Discover truly “Put the Odds in Our favor!”