EO New Jersey Members Attend Huddle – Getting to Systems and Processes 2.0

On Nov. 12, EO New Jersey members gathered for the Huddle – Getting to Systems and Processes 2.0 at the Eisenhower Conference Center, generously offered by member Michael Schofel. Three EO NJ members, Peter Bredlau, owner of Quality Service Associates, Inc.; Louis Biron, owner of One Horn Transportation; and Paul Baum, CEO of PlanITROI, shared very different yet very successful experiences in changing processes in their businesses.

In order to have the time to spend on launching a new division Peter needed his base business to run without him. He shared how he found the weak points in his business, how he created the processes, what he learned and how it’s going now. Peter even took on the role of dispatcher so he could learn the job firsthand, which was critical for creating a process for it. Louis talked about how he and his wife and business partner, Cheryl, transformed their business from a non-scalable, asset and employee heavy business model to a scalable, asset and employee free model. He said that as volume grew he kept automating whatever would take the most time. He talked about enjoying the challenge of growing without hiring by automating. Paul talked about how he went from 13 people to one in his sales team with minimal loss in his core business sales. Paul showed us how his company tracks and shares metrics and how they conduct their daily huddles.

The event finished with a group discussion led by Louis where members posed specific challenges to the group and the group shared their experiences. It was an enriching learning experience, and the event received a 9.6 rating.