EMP Class of 2016, Year 2

The Entrepreneurial Masters Program (EMP)  Registration is filling up fast.  This year it will be held in Dedham, MA. You have less than one month to submit your online application for the EMP Class of 2017.  Click here to apply today!  Year 1 will take place from 24-28 June 2015 at the MIT Endicott House in Boston, MA, USA.  Don’t miss hearing from Verne Harnish, Geoff Smart, Barrett Ersek, John DeHart, and more!  Applications are due Monday, 2 February 2015 by 11:59 p.m. GMT. Questions? Contact Elizabeth Wilson.

Session Dates
  • Class of 2017, Year 1: 24-28 June 2015
  • Class of 2016, Year 2: 27-31 May 2015
  • Class of 2015, Year 3: 3-7 June 2015

Click here for more information. Click here for registration.