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  • This month, we’re looking into the #EOeconomy and current global economy. How has your company evolved during upticks or downturns in the economy? Our global business landscape is changing faster than ever, and we want to spotlight innovative entrepreneurs who are leading the way. Share your insights with successful entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts from around the world. Here are a few suggestions:
  • Write an article about economic trends or share how to continuously remain innovative
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Inc Magazine’s GrowCo

GrowCo is a three-day event for entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to achieve sizable growth within their organizations. The conference in Las Vegas from May 17 to 19 and brings together a dynamic program featuring headliners straight out of the pages of Inc., business experts, and best-selling authors who share actionable information and proven strategies on all facets of growing companies.

  • Visit growco.inc.com and enter code ‘EOGC16’ for an exclusive EO rate of $595 ($300 off) for conference tickets and an $890 price for GrowcCo + Inc.edu course. Your key executives can utilize too!
  • Every EO member who purchases a ticket will be enrolled to have a chance to have their ticket cost reimbursed! Reach out to Erik Witzel at ewitzel@eonetwork.org for more information.