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EO – GEI Survey (It takes literally two minutes… Thanks everyone!)
A quick reminder to ask your forums to fill out this survey. It’s important that at least 30% of members complete the survey for us to remain eligible for PEAK! Here’s the link it took me literally 2 minutes to complete:  https://surveys.eonetwork.org/member/geisurvey/

Questions about US East’s regional conference, EO NERVE?  Check out the event website, at  http://nerve2016.com/

EO Leadership Academy, to be held from 4-8 December in Washington, D.C., USA, is an immersive program to teach and inspire personal leadership and transformation to a select group of member leaders. The application for the academy is now open and the deadline to apply is 15 August. Log on to the Leadership Academy website to find out more about the qualifications and application process.