EONJ Presents LaunchPad Forum

New to EONJ – LaunchPad Forum

What Is Launchpad?

The What

  • The EONJ LaunchPad Forum creates an experience for all new members, opt out members who are interested in participating, and members who would like to join the group for an additional Forum experience.
The Why
  • To introduce new members to the Forum experience right away, while giving them a place to hone their forum skills during their journey to achieve permanent Forum placement. Also, opt-out or long term Forum members can become re-engaged and join LaunchPad in search in a new Forum.
The How
  • All new members must complete the online Forum training within the first 2 weeks after joining EO. (They will be formally trained within 60 days.) Once online trained the member is ready to join the LaunchPad Forum and participate in monthly meetings. An experienced Forum Moderator functions as moderator for the Forum.
  • LaunchPad Forum has a Constitution, charges fines, uses gestalt and has monthly meetings scheduled in advance and posted on EONetwork.
  • Moderators of Forums looking for members attend these forum meetings, seeing new recruits in actual forum setting, giving both parties a better idea for fit.
  • Due to the need to keep Forums to a manageable size the limit is 8 attendees at any LaunchPad Forum meeting. Current LaunchPad members will be automatically regsitered for each meeting leaving the remaining open spaces to be filled by additional EONJ members on a first come first serve basis. Guests will be held to the Forum Constitution with late fees ($50) and no show fees ($100) implemented. Cancellations are not permitted without a cancellation fee ($100).