Global Updates

Global Updates

Mexico University Registration is open!! For more info: http://events.eonetwork.org/eomexico2017/


Path of Leadership Applications and position descriptions will be up on 15 October at pol.eonetwork.org


EMP Class of 2019 – Applications Opening Soon 

It’s almost time! On 25 October, applications for the Entrepreneurial Masters Program (EMP) – Class of 2019 will go live. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn alongside 65 of your peers like never before. EMP emphasizes leadership – the sessions are thorough and the experience is life-changing! Add yourself to the Executive Education interest list to receive important updates. Questions? Contact us!



Mark your calendars for EO24! EO’s premier virtual learning event, to be held 17 November, will present 24 hours of global entrepreneurial innovation and knowledge-sharing in a real-time, online learning environment. Watch and learn from some of the world’s greatest business minds from the convenience of your computer screen. Register and learn more at player.EO24.org.

Registration for the EO/London Business School Growth Forum  launches on Thursday, 13 October 2016. If you receive any inquiries please direct them to me, ewilson@eonetwork.org or events@eonetwork.org. Thanks so much!


Interested in attending one of the top business schools in the world? Then be sure to register on Thursday, 13 October for the 2017 EO/London Business School Growth Forum. At the EO/London Business School Growth Forum, you will experience highly interactive sessions driven by case studies of EO-like companies alongside your peers from around the world. All this will be delivered by a star-studded LBS team. Bestselling author, EO speaker and LBS Professor, John Mullins, and his LBS faculty team will lead you through 3 ½ days of life-altering learning. Questions? Email ewilson@eonetwork.org or events@eonetwork.org

Fast Facts

ü  Registration: https://www.eonetwork.org/member/events-and-learning/event-details?eventid=f29bfa92-657f-e611-941d-00155df03a08

o   You must sign into eonetwork.org to register!

o   Check the global registration schedule below or click here to know what time to register: http://events.eonetwork.org/eo-lbs/registration/

ü  Fee: US$4950 (includes most meals, accommodations from 21-25 March 2017, and the learning curriculum)

ü  Dates: 22-25 March 2017

ü  Location: London Business School, Regent’s Park, London, United Kingdom

ü  Agenda: http://events.eonetwork.org/eo-lbs/agenda/

ü  About Case-Method Learning: http://events.eonetwork.org/eo-lbs/about-case-method-learning/

Registration opens on 13 October 2016REGISTER HERE!