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Personalize Your EO Experience through MyEO
Eager to maximize your membership? Follow in the footsteps of your global peers by engaging MyEO, a program designed to unite members and foster growth through shared interests. 

  • Join MyEO Forums based on geography or industry
  • Expand your network through specialized MyEO Groups
  • Host MyEO Events aligned with your passions
Whatever the outlet, MyEO is your vehicle to personalize your EO experience! Learn more by watching this video, joining our Facebook group or contacting us.
MyEO: Making Dreams Come True
Have you read the latest edition of Octane, EO’s award-winning magazine? In this issue, EO South Florida’s Raul Pineiro shares how MyEO helped him fulfill his dream of returning to his homeland of Cuba. Read the article to discover how Raul used MyEO to achieve his lifelong goal.
Introducing MyEO Premier Groups
The MyEO Committee has identified five Premier Groups, created to increase EO’s support of our diverse membership. Each MyEO Group is listed below, along with the name of their respective champion. Contact these champions to learn more! 

*Coming soon to the MyEO website