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MYEO – Are you looking to get more out of EO?

An easy and fun way to maximize your EO membership, MyEO has quickly become a favorite EO benefit by many. MyEO takes EO to the next level, offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences, specialized business or interest groups, Forums that match your business or life experiences, and more. Best of all, if there isn’t an event, group or Forum you want to engage, you can start
your own and invite the EO community to join. Click myeo_one-pager-pdf to read more.

Path of Leadership (Due date: Jan 15th)

Are you interested in taking your leadership to the next level? Path of Leadership Applications are open. Apply at:  http://pol.eonetwork.org

The regional council structure is changing effective next year. Find out more at: http://pol.eonetwork.org/regional-council-realignment/

Any Questions? Contact us at: pol@eonetwork.org

Moderators on Social Media:  

Encourage your Moderators join our EO Moderators Facebook group to connect with their peers around the world to share tools, experiences and best practices! https://www.facebook.com/groups/243000292452183/

Moderator Summits: Coming to a town near you!

Registration links:

European Moderator Summit: 25-26 January Lisbon, Portugal

European Moderator Training: 25 January Lisbon, Portugal

US Central Moderator Summit: 23-24 February San Antonio, Texas

US Central Moderator Training: 23 February San Antonio, Texas

MEPA Moderator Summit: 26-27 February Cape Town, South Africa

MEPA Moderator Training: 26 February Cape Town, South Africa

US West Moderator Leadership Summit: 9-10 March Las Vegas, Nevada

US West Moderator Training: 9 March Las Vegas, Nevada

APAC Moderator Summit: March Tokyo, Japan

South Asia Moderator Summit: Goa, India

Global Learning Events:

Save the Dates: