Sponsor News

SAP partners Curt Cyliax and Rob Waring of SEA is having an open house on February 2nd and would like to share the festivities with EO NJ.

“Rob & I are happy to announce we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary and growing the firm at the same time! 2016 has been a busy and exciting year. We’d like to share our success with you as you have all played a part in our venture. We also have two new Partners which we hope you come and meet.

To celebrate the milestones, we’re having an Open House at our new offices in early February. We’d like you to know so you will ‘Save the Date’. Formal invites will be out after the first of the year, but please mark your calendar. We hope you will join us for the ‘Ground Hog Day’ celebration!

Have a great Holiday Season. We’ll see you soon.”

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