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New Member Voucher Link for NERVE 2017

We now have a new process for new members that are looking to utilize their $500 New Member Voucher for NERVE 2017:

  • Eligible new members will register for NERVE
  • Members looking to use their voucher will need to complete the following registration online to be reimbursed: https://www.eonetwork.org/member/events-and-learning/event-details?eventid=ad63f1ec-4b19-e711-9426-00155df03a08
  • Step by step instructions are on the page to help guide members
  • Refunds will be issued on a monthly basis to the business address listed on the member profile
  • Members can see if they are eligible on their “Member Homepage” on Eonetwork.org. A banner will be present indicating how many days remain for the voucher to be used. If no such banner exists, they are no longer eligible.

For all other qualifying events (events other than NERVE), members will have a check box option to redeem their voucher on the individual event’s registration page. The above link is only for NERVE 2017. Members that have already submitted an old voucher request form have already been notified and we are working with them on this new process.

 NEW EO App!

A new way for your members to interact with your chapter, their Forum, and the rest of the #EONATION. Members are automatically connected with their chapter upon signing on. Search nearby events, both inside and outside of the member’s chapter and register right on the mobile app! Members are also able to tap into the Global Directory and search Partnership deals. If your members are visiting a new city, this app taps into your location and helps members to find EO events and members nearby – connecting has never been easier!

Hyderabad University

Registration for the 2017 EO Hyderabad University opens on May 15th. From October 25-29, come learn from the movers and shakers behind India’s ascent to global power. Discover the heritage of a welcoming city that embodies diversity. Explore the length and breadth of a nation steeped in history. Experience the flavors, sights and sounds that make India so unique. Visit the University website and register on May 15th!


EO Family Retreat & Experience

Registration is now open! Bring your family and join other EO families in Orlando, Florida for an opportunity for learning and fun under the sun. Please see the attached flyer, or email learning@eonetwork.org with any questions.


US East New Member Benefits Calls

Nadia and I are now inviting all new members to attend a benefits call with us! We cover who we are as a region, updating member profiles, navigating EOnetwork.org, events/events registration, all of our amazing benefits, and more! These calls are held on a weekly basis every Friday at 2pm EST. To view a list of new members that have been invited, have attended, and upcoming call times please visit out Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/65j0lp8bk93pvoi/AACshB4OiQOweIhyl39Cxk8ga?dl=0