EONJ Members Make Progress Fighting for #NJsmall Business!

The #NJsmall Movement Gets a Bill…Taking it One Step Closer to Legislation

There May Soon Be a New Law Incentivizing NJ’s Big Businesses to Hire NJ’s Small Businesses – Thanks to Members of EONJ!

The pandemic has been devastating for businesses of all sizes, but the most severe impact has been shouldered by small business. Some (not all) small businesses were fortunate to receive financial aid from the government – and while initiatives like the Paycheck Protection Program may have provided a temporary cash injection, these limited resources will not provide the ongoing solution needed to wait out this crisis.

In order to survive, small businesses need a solution that is sustainable. One that brings in new sources of income. And one that doesn’t cost the government any additional money. That’s exactly what the #NJsmall approach provides.

Now this grassroots movement (started by EONJ members Denise Blasevick and Adam Schnitzler, co-founders of The S3 Agency) that would incentivize NJ’s large businesses to hire NJ’s small businesses is one step closer to becoming a law!

In August, New Jersey Assemblyman Gary Schaer introduced a bill that would allow a 1% Corporate Business Tax Credit on work contracted to NJ businesses with fewer than 50 employees. In his press release announcing the bill, the Deputy Speaker of the Assembly specifically cited the #NJsmall movement as his inspiration. (Check out this interview where he notes #NJsmall as a “bold solution to keep small businesses running.”)

Of course, there are many more steps that need to take place before this can actually become a law…

While Blasevick and Schnitzler have been able to keep the momentum going, with PR and advertising campaigns that boost awareness among the public and the legislature, they are quick to credit their fellow entrepreneurs who have stepped up to help – providing the financial support, professional counsel, and flat-out motivation needed to continue fighting the fight.

#NJsmall would not be where it is today without EONJ,” said Blasevick. “I’m blown away by the outpouring of support we have received – at a time when everyone is dealing with the most difficult of circumstances. I’m so grateful to be part of this organization that cultivates such a strong sense of community, both professionally and personally.”

#NJsmall would like to thank the following EONJ members for their sponsorship:

  • Darlene Panzitta, CEO of DSP Clinical – a premier CRO specializing in women’s health and endocrinology / infertility
  • Scott Peloquin, CEO of benefEx – benefits consulting experts dedicated to removing the frustration from employee benefit plans
  • Kurt Olender, Founder & Managing Partner, and Howard Matalon, Partner, of OlenderFeldman – an outcome-based law firm providing big firm expertise with boutique level service

#NJsmall would also like to thank Tom Patania, CEO of Select-A-Ticket, a secondary ticket market ticket provider that provides great experiences, and current President of EONJ. When Patania first heard about the idea, he inspired Blasevick and Schnitzler to take their concept to the legislative level – and spent hours working with them on the steps needed to do so.

It Ain’t Over…

The fight for the survival of NJ’s small businesses is very real – and we need your help. Please sign the petition to Governor Murphy here. Visit the NJSmall website for more information and updates. And if you are interested in supporting the #NJsmall movement as we continue down the path to legislation, or know someone who may be, please reach out to the team at The S3 Agency.