A World of Benefits for Entrepreneurs.

Take a look at what membership in EO, the world’s most influential community of entrepreneurs, can mean for your entrepreneurial journey.​ As a member of EO New Jersey, you will have many benefits that include peer-to-peer learning, support from our Strategic Alliance Partners, and once in a lifetime experiences along the way.


Wouldn’t it be great to have the opportunity to tap into the insights and experiences of a group of 6-8 fellow business owners? After you become a member of EONJ, you will join a forum that acts as your personal board of advisors. With the benefit of a safe environment built on trust and confidentiality, you will be able to explore the deepest decisions you face in your life as an entrepreneur. Your forum meetings are guided by time-tested approaches that draw out your forum members’ experiences, rather than their opinions and advice, letting you draw your own conclusions about how to proceed.


Global & Regional Events

EO events are designed to combine provocative learning programs with unique resources and memorable social venues. For example, EO Universities bring hundreds of members together for intense, world-class learning experiences at exciting campus locations around the world each year. EO Nerve, which is our regional conference, brings EO’s best speakers and all the region’s EO chapters together at a host location on the East Coast. EO Nerve never disappoints on both learning and once in a lifetime social experiences. The Global and Regional events enable you to learn from business experts, experience other cultures, and build relationships with members outside of your chapter.

Chapter Events

As an member of EO New Jersey, you are part of one of one of the region’s highest performing chapters! Our chapter has built a learning and social calendar that allow you to explore new ways to thrive in your life as an entrepreneur – what we consider the 360 entrepreneur. As a peer group, our goal is to help each other grow as business, family and community leaders. And an added benefit, is that you’ll have an opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs who are looking to live their best lives, just like you.

eonj-forum retreat-meetup

Executive Education

At the core of EO’s mission is an unrelenting commitment to helping both young and experienced entrepreneurs learn and grow on a personal and professional level. EO is proud to offer members the opportunity to learn at a higher, more intense level through executive education programming, both locally and globally. Our programs, such as EO@Wharton, EO@Harvard, and the London Business School Growth Forum all challenge members’ assumptions, tests their ways of doing business, and introduces them to new and unexpected ways of thinking.

EO Accelerator Program

EO Accelerator provides an avenue for entrepreneurs with businesses below the $1M revenue level to receive support from EO New Jersey. As an entrepreneur with a new startup, you face many new challenges every day. Along with structured educational content focused on the​ core areas of first-stage businesses, the Accelerator Program affords you the unique experience of learning from and connecting with the world’s most influential entrepreneurs.​​​ EO New Jersey members also have the opportunity to give back and become a mentor to a group of Accelerators. Many of those who have done this say that it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of their professional lives.

Student group at PTI

HealthNetwork Foundation

The HealthNetwork Foundation connects members to the best health care and counseling in the world through alliances with top centers of medical excellence. If you, or any immediate family member, faces an addiction, mental health need, illness or injury, EO provides access to leading doctors at the best facilities around the world through the HealthNetwork Foundation.