EO NERVE Clarity 2020

The journey of an entrepreneur is rife with distraction. Challenges, opportunities, friends and family pulling us in every direction. We strive for alignment in our businesses, with our employees, families and most of ourselves. How do you get all horses pulling in the same direction? Clarity. Drive and fortitude helped us all get to where we are, but are not enough to get us to where we want to be. Clarity of thought, vision, purpose and mission will help not only guide us, but help keep everyone else focused on achieving our most important goals. We don’t need to wait for hindsight for 2020 vision, we just need clarity.

DC has much more to offer than powerhouse politicos and suited and booted lobbyists. It is a vibrant city with fantastic history, culture, an incredible food scene, and so much more. The EO DC Chapter is made up of the areas best and brightest, most powerful and diverse group of entrepreneurs. Amongst our 146 members we have deep ties at the regional and global level of EO and within the local community. By tapping in to our own tribe we know that we can bring the best NERVE event that EO has offered. From our nation’s capital to renowned speakers and a vibrant social scene we are putting together an event that will bring clarity to every aspect of your life.


Registration is now open at for EO Members and Guests. EO Members can also invite Chapter Sponsors and Key Executives as guests to attend NERVE. Visit the official EO NERVE Clarity website to learn more about the agenda registration fees and more!