Members in the News

In Charge: Curt Bashford, president/CEO/co-owner of GD in Ridgefield (Curt Bashford, GD). Click here to read more.

In Wake of Ashley Madison Hack, Veteran Matrimonial Lawyer Theresa Lyons Tells How to Respond to Cheating. (Terry Lyons, Lyons and Associates) Click here to read more.

 HRM merges with Spirit Health Group to form Relevate (Scott Weintraub, Healthcare Regional Marketing) Click here to read more.

Put profits first, then watch business grow (Michael Michalowicz, Profit First Professionals) Click here to read more.

The new paradigm of selling (Caryn Kopp, Kopp Consulting) Click here to read more.

Members in the News

In Charge: Moe Arpacilar, co-founder, CEO and president of Marmiro Stones in Carlstadt (Moe Arpacilar, Marmiro Stones, Inc.) Click here to read more.

THE ULTIMATE CONNECTOR: Having mastered the meet and greet, Kopp gets her clients the time they need (Caryn Kopp, Kopp Consulting) Click here to read more. 

Photos from the Summer Swim Meet(ing)

The Summer Swim Meeti(ing) was a blast!

All who attended had a wonderful time – catching up with friends, meeting new members, seeing how all the children have grown and of course everyone enjoyed the swimming too!


 Anna and Curt enjoyed conversation.


Carl and his family pose for a photo.


Global News

Moderator Summit – Save the Date!

US East Moderator Summit – Newark, NJ 14-15 October 2015

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MAP: Complimentary Program for First 25 Forums

EO partner MAP is offering the first 25 US Forums a complimentary learning program (valued at $2,000 and the Forum to cover participant materials and speaker travel fees) if you book by Friday, August 14, 2015. The content is based on MAP’s newest book The Disciplined Leader: Keeping the Focus on What Really Matters. Reach out to us to learn more or book today.

EO Global Statistics

As our organization continues to grow, so does our global influence.

–       Number of members: 11,000+

–       Number of chapters: 150

–       Number of countries: 48

–       Average member age: 43

–       Gender: Male: 87.6%; Female: 12.4%

–       Average Tenure: 4.3 Years (non-leader members: 3.0 years, member leaders: 6.6 years)

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Members in the News

Brand New Bag: A Your Business Makeover by OPEN Forum (Denise Blasevick, The S3 Agency) Click here to see video.

In charge: Cheryl Y. Biron, CEO, One Horn Transportation, Wayne (Cheryl and Louis Biron, One Horn Transportation). Click here to read more.

What else? Who else? What’s bigger than that? (Caryn Kopp, Kopp Consulting) Click here to read more.

Q&A with Cheryl Biron on what it takes to grow, sustain one’s success being a women in business (Cheryl Biron, One Horn Transportation) Click here to read more.

Top 100 Agencies 2015: Healthcare Regional Marketing (Scott Weintraub, Healthcare Regional Marketing). Click here to read more.

Chapter News – DOUBLE FORUM!!

Recently the Kaizen Forum and the Justice League Forum came together for a “double forum” experience – it was fantastic!  Each forum spent 90 minutes alone for updates and forum business, then came together for dinner and two presentations–one from each forum.  Everyone present enjoyed the experience, which enabled deeper connections across the chapter.  Multiple members with EO 5-10 years commented that they had barely known some of the people present and they enjoyed getting to know them.  This unique design dramatically increased member value for everyone!  The exact nature of the discussion remains as always confidential, but the flow of the meeting and the opinion of the members can be freely shared.  Think about a double forum as a great way to shake things up and meet great EO
passionate members you might not know well now.  Go EONJ!

Members in the News

Advance Realty, F. Greek build 190,000 s/f refrigerated warehouse (Kurt Padavano, Advance Realty) Click here to read more. 

JABiztown gives students hand-on business experience (Kurt Padavano, Advance Realty) Click here to read more. 

100 Acres of South Las Vegas Blvd. to be Transformed Into SPEEDVEGAS, the Newest Only-In-Vegas Experience (Aaron Fessler, World Class Driving) Click here to read more.

How to Find The Best Employees (Mike Michalowicz, Profit First Professionals) Click here to read more.

Member News – David Dunigan – New member to EONJ

My name is David Dunigan I am new to EO and am just starting the process of finding a forum. I own Modern Store Equipment in Florence NJ. We manufacture and distribute store fixtures and refrigeration, primarily to the liquor store industry. Basically we provide all the equipment you need to open a liquor store. Building projects all across the country.

My father Thomas Dunigan founded Modern in 1958. Growing up the office was the front of our house. My mother also worked for Modern paying all the bills. Dinner conversation at our house was very often about the business. I started working there when I was 16 years old and have never worked anywhere else. I got a college degree at night while working full time. I took over the company 7 years ago when my father became ill and shortly latter passed away.

The last 7 years have seen a lot of changes at our company. We moved from 7,000 SF facility to a 24,000 SF. Converted our woodshop to all high tech computerized manufacturing equipment. Our sales have grown 1,000 % and our team has grown from 15 people to 40.

Running our now much larger company and trying maintain our small company culture while instituting needed systems has been one my biggest challenges. This is my main reason for joining EO to learn how my fellow entrepreneurs have dealt with some of these issues I am dealing with. I believe I picked up a nugget or two in my lifetime in small business and look forward to being able to give back.

My wife of 23 years Lisa is active in the company, paying all of our bills and keeping us out of trouble with the taxman. We have no children. Outside of the office I am active in Porsche club racing.