Members in the News

Brand New Bag: A Your Business Makeover by OPEN Forum (Denise Blasevick, The S3 Agency) Click here to see video.

In charge: Cheryl Y. Biron, CEO, One Horn Transportation, Wayne (Cheryl and Louis Biron, One Horn Transportation). Click here to read more.

What else? Who else? What’s bigger than that? (Caryn Kopp, Kopp Consulting) Click here to read more.

Q&A with Cheryl Biron on what it takes to grow, sustain one’s success being a women in business (Cheryl Biron, One Horn Transportation) Click here to read more.

Top 100 Agencies 2015: Healthcare Regional Marketing (Scott Weintraub, Healthcare Regional Marketing). Click here to read more.

Chapter News – DOUBLE FORUM!!

Recently the Kaizen Forum and the Justice League Forum came together for a “double forum” experience – it was fantastic!  Each forum spent 90 minutes alone for updates and forum business, then came together for dinner and two presentations–one from each forum.  Everyone present enjoyed the experience, which enabled deeper connections across the chapter.  Multiple members with EO 5-10 years commented that they had barely known some of the people present and they enjoyed getting to know them.  This unique design dramatically increased member value for everyone!  The exact nature of the discussion remains as always confidential, but the flow of the meeting and the opinion of the members can be freely shared.  Think about a double forum as a great way to shake things up and meet great EO
passionate members you might not know well now.  Go EONJ!

Members in the News

Advance Realty, F. Greek build 190,000 s/f refrigerated warehouse (Kurt Padavano, Advance Realty) Click here to read more. 

JABiztown gives students hand-on business experience (Kurt Padavano, Advance Realty) Click here to read more. 

100 Acres of South Las Vegas Blvd. to be Transformed Into SPEEDVEGAS, the Newest Only-In-Vegas Experience (Aaron Fessler, World Class Driving) Click here to read more.

How to Find The Best Employees (Mike Michalowicz, Profit First Professionals) Click here to read more.

Member News – David Dunigan – New member to EONJ

My name is David Dunigan I am new to EO and am just starting the process of finding a forum. I own Modern Store Equipment in Florence NJ. We manufacture and distribute store fixtures and refrigeration, primarily to the liquor store industry. Basically we provide all the equipment you need to open a liquor store. Building projects all across the country.

My father Thomas Dunigan founded Modern in 1958. Growing up the office was the front of our house. My mother also worked for Modern paying all the bills. Dinner conversation at our house was very often about the business. I started working there when I was 16 years old and have never worked anywhere else. I got a college degree at night while working full time. I took over the company 7 years ago when my father became ill and shortly latter passed away.

The last 7 years have seen a lot of changes at our company. We moved from 7,000 SF facility to a 24,000 SF. Converted our woodshop to all high tech computerized manufacturing equipment. Our sales have grown 1,000 % and our team has grown from 15 people to 40.

Running our now much larger company and trying maintain our small company culture while instituting needed systems has been one my biggest challenges. This is my main reason for joining EO to learn how my fellow entrepreneurs have dealt with some of these issues I am dealing with. I believe I picked up a nugget or two in my lifetime in small business and look forward to being able to give back.

My wife of 23 years Lisa is active in the company, paying all of our bills and keeping us out of trouble with the taxman. We have no children. Outside of the office I am active in Porsche club racing.

Sponsor Feature

EONJ Sponsor, Mike Goldman,  Performance Breakthrough, has launched a new book: Performance Breakthrough: The Four Secrets of Passionate Organizations

Book Summary:
Gallup Organization research has concluded that only 29 percent of employees are truly engaged in the work they do. That’s like an engine running at less than one third of its power! How can a team reach its potential, or even come anywhere close, with that level of engagement?Now imagine the impact of injecting more passion into your team. Imagine a company where eight out of ten people are truly engaged. What would this mean to your team’s productivity, morale, retention, and ability to recruit top talent?

Revised and enhanced from the popular first edition, Performance Breakthroughreveals the four secrets for creating a more passionate, productive, and profitable organization. These ideas are not expensive. In fact, you can execute many without spending a dime.

This book’s message is communicated in the form of a fictional story to help make these ideas real and implementable, as opposed to fuzzy concepts. Augmenting the story are valuable new case studies, summaries, checklists, and other tools that will help you create positive energy, find passion, and achieve your own Performance Breakthrough!


Click here to see the book website.   Link to book page on Amazon

Members in the News

Knowledge gamification from RightAnswers (Jeff Weinstein, RightAnswers) Click here to read more.

New Jersey Business Magazine Features Livingston for Thriving Retail Business (Michael Schofel, Eastman Companies) Click here to read more. 

RightAnswers Releases Automated Knowledge Quality Tool (Jeff Weinstein, RightAnswers)  Click here to read more. 

 Proposed Las Vegas track would let drivers zoom in Ferraris, other exotics (Aaron Feddler, World Class Driving) Click here to read more.

Members in the News

The Village at Livingston to be Renamed “The Shoppes at the Livingston Circle” (Eastman Companies, Michael Schofel). Click here to read more.

Considering an Amazon storefront? Here’s what you need to know - (Kevin Mahoney, Click here to read more. 

Gruskin Group hosts ‘Let’s Charrette’ at Kean University (Ken Gruskin, Gruskin Group). Click here to read more.

Kraus Marketing Opens New Office in NYC (Nick Kraus, Kraus Marketing) Click here to read more.

A broad platform built with a nimble approach. Hollister has thrived for a decade by reading, reacting to construction trends (Kieran Flanagan, Hollister Construction Services). Click here to read more.


Wayne-Based One Horn Transportation Honored As One Of The Fastest Women-Owned Companies (Cheryl Biron & Louis Biron, One Horn Transportation) Click here to read more.

Online purveyor of specialty tape sticks to his convictions in support of military veterans (Kevin Mahoney, Click here to read more.

RightAnswers Introduces Knowledge Gamification to Improve Customer Service (Jeff Weinstein, RightAnswers) Click here to read more.

Member News – Mohit Jain – new member to EONJ

I recently joined EO. I was really impressed by the EO test drive and the Mock forum.

I founded my business Math Genie in 2008. We are an after school enrichment program specializing in Mental Math & Reading/Writing.

The idea for the business came when I was visiting India and I saw a small child to do complex Mental Math. We started with a single location with 3 students. It has now grown to  4 locations with over 1000 students who have gone through our program. Our long term plan is to grow organically and possibly go Nationwide at the appropriate time.

Prior to starting Math Genie I had many jobs and businesses. I have worked as a day trader on the stock market. I have worked for a Diamond trading company and sold diamonds in Asia and Europe. I have worked as an IT consultant for Goldman Sachs and flipped distressed houses.

I grew up in India and got a degree in Accounting. I have lived in Mumbai, Antwerp, Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok before coming to the US.

My wife Naina is the Co-Founder of Math Genie. Both of us are passionate about Children’s learning. She manages the training and curriculum while I manage the marketing and business development. Together we love to travel and try to visit a new destination every year. We live in East Brunswick, NJ


MY EO Event

We hope you can come to our My EO welcome event in Brooklyn!    Open to My EO, East Coast, University folks and more!

1 – Please RSVP – through this link

EO Brooklyn – Welcomes you to EO NY University Week!

 Discover Brooklyn

Monday, June 1st – 7:00-9:00 pm

Brooklyn Brewery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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You’re invited to the My EO Welcome Event leading into the EO NY University! Held at the Original Brooklyn Brewery with the Brewery owner (a founding member of EO Brooklyn). Open to all University attendees, East Coast members, and My EO urban culture, food & beverage lovers…

Host Committee:

Our EO NY University Co-Chairs:  Chris Bryant, Julie Papadopoulos; Our Global Friends:  Dana Bradley, Bob Tassone, Ivan Ting, Marsha Ralls, Adrienne Palmer, Rosemary Tan, Adam Glickman, Kevin Langley, Bashir Rahemtulla, Fred Johnson, Dennis Hoffman, Gilberto Crombe……and of course…..

EO Brooklyn!