Hire For Behavioral Patterns Not Qualifications by Mike Michalowicz

My best employee of all time was nicknamed Shaq. While his genetic gifts would have never landed him a spot on the New Jersey Nets (nicknames work like that), he worked for my company as a computer forensic examiner. When I hired him, Shaq was barely qualified to use a computer, let alone conduct detailed forensic examinations on hard drives that later had to stand up in court and pass the rigors of cross examination. Click here to read more.


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Get the Meetings Others Can’t: 5 Easy Steps – Inc. (Caryn Kopp, Kopp Consulting) Click here to read more.

Roman Jewelers’ (Sophie Shor and Lucy Zimmerman) first winner in $15,000 giveaway finds earrings in Flemington eatery. Click here to read more.

Planning Board to Facilitate Plan for Redevelopment on Advance Realty Site (Kurt Padavano). Click here to here more.

Carnival Cruise Line Awards International Voyager, Inc. (John Maguire) with 2014 Travel Excellence Award. Click here to read more.

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RightAnswers (Jeff Weinstein) Adds Google Glass and NetSuite Knowledge Solutions to Knowledge-Paks® Library for IT Support. Click here to read more.

Planning Board Accepts Redevelopment Site Request from Advance Realty (Kurt Padavano). Click here to read more.

Roman Jewelers (Sophie Shor and Lucy Zimmerman) celebrates big anniversary with $25K donation to area charities. Click here to read more.

 Eastman Companies (Michael Schofel) is a finalist in New Jersey Monthly’s Great Oak Award, honoring the state’s most philanthropic companies. Click here to read more, then click on Small companies.

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Ken Gruskin and his firm, Gruskin Architecture + Design, P.C., have been featured in Licensed Architect magazine. Click Gruskin to read more.

Fruition Partners and RightAnswers (Jeff Weinstein)Team up to Incorporate Knowledge Management into Managed Cloud Services for ServiceNow. Click here to read more.

Bell Techlogix and RightAnswers (Jeff Weinstein) Announce New Partnership. Click here to read more.

Myers Wolin (Harris Wolin) Announces Patent Counsel Residency program to Fuel Partnerships with Tech Incubators and Accelerators and Assist Top Startups. Click here to read more.

Bridgewater-based Advanced Realty (Kurt Padavano) buys Pa. property in joint venture. Click here to read more.

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