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Evening at the Zoo with Families of EO

Turtle Back Zoo 560 Northfield Ave, West Orange, NJ, United States

Join us for a grand day of fun, adventure, and bonding at the Turtle Back Zoo! This event is designed to bring our entrepreneurial community closer by including the people […]

SLP Forum Training

Myers Wolin LLC Suite 202, 100 S Jefferson Road, Whippany, United States

FORUM TRAINING (A Prerequisite for Forum Placement) The Forum Program is designed to ensure that new members get the most possible value from their EO Forum Experience from the very […]

Navigating into the new year: Insights with the SAPs

Park Ave. Club 184 Park Ave., Florham Park, NJ, United States

Over two hours, meet with our chapter’s Strategic Alliance Partners (SAPs) as they discuss with your key activities and strategies to make the most of the rest of the calendar […]

Developing an Outward Mindset with the Arbinger Institute

 “Developing an Outward Mindset: A 1-Day Journey with the Arbinger Institute”   In this intensive 1-day workshop, EO Members will immerse themselves in the principles of the outward mindset—a powerful perspective that […]

Leveraging LinkedIn for Executive Branding, Influence & Engagement

 Today’s professionals are mobile, socially connected 24/7, quick to look for social proof, and overwhelmed by rapid changes in technology, AI, business, and the world. They include your various personas—influencers, champions, strategic partners, brand ambassadors, and customers.  Buyers and candidates research, validate, and engage differently. They want quick access, valuable insight, and customer-focused content.  LinkedIn […]

Never Lose an Employee or a Customer Again

Eisenhower Corporate Campus 290 W Mt Pleasant Ave,, Livingston, NJ, United States

Losing customers is the biggest threat facing businesses today - and yet most companies don't even realize it. After making huge investments of time, money, and energy to acquire new customers, most companies see between 20-70% of those customer disappear in less than one hundred days. In an engaging and entertaining workshop, Joey Coleman will […]

Introducing ESOPs Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Park Ave. Club 184 Park Ave., Florham Park, NJ, United States

An ESOP is a way to sell your firm to your employees …and the IRS pays for it After this seminar, you will come away shaking your head with these thoughts, “Nobody ever explained it to me like this? How is this possible? What’s the catch?”   Here’s what you will learn at this seminar: […]